Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Catching up on some paintings done earlier in the year.

 View of Temuka main street from the back.
12 X 16 inches in oils and framed. 

 Painted from Governors Bay looking to 
wards Lyttelton.

 Early morning painting at
Punakaiki West Coast.

Our garden in the spring time
done in plein air. 16 x 12 inches
in oil and framed.

 Spring Still Life. Spring flowers from our garden. 
12 X 16 inches in oils and framed.

 My Studio. Painted in spring with this 
gorgeous rhododendron in fall bloom.
12 x 16 inches in oils and framed.

Lake Pukaki with Mt Cook reflected in 
the lake. This was a commissioned 
oil painting 24 x 36 inches.

 Godley River Valley at the head of Lake Tekapo 
painted from the road up to Round Hill Ski Field.
22 x 36 inches in oils.

The Catlins River. 30 x 24 inches in oils.
The Catlins - the name that conjures up images of a corner of New Zealand untainted by the modern world - a place where time has stood still and a visitor may enjoy forest, wildlife and the life-style of a bygone era. 
This painting is a true reflection of the area after tramping and camping along the river over Easter. 
Accidents of history have favoured protection of the Catlins and it still retains many accessible wildlife havens in its varied hill and scenic coast. 

 The Red Mail Box. I was captured by the shapes and form 
of the trees and shadows cast across the road way north of Westport. 
20 x 24 inches in oils.

Mt Sefton and the Mueller Terminal Lake near The Hermitage, 
Mt Cook National Park. 24 x 30 inches in oils.

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