Sunday, May 12, 2013

A new bunch of Plein air paintings completed over late summer. Most I have touched up or in "Feeding the Ducks", completed at home due to time constraints. All in water soluble oils.

First up is "Taumatakahu Stream" here on out skirts of Temuka.  16 by 12 inches

  "Feeding the Ducks" is of the Avon River in Christchurch. I only 45 minutes on this before I had to leave so completed at home with aid of photos. 16 by 12 inches

"Milford Huts" is a group of fishing huts at the mouth of the Opihi River. View is looking towards Four Peaks range in the distance. 12 by 9 inches.

"Peel Forest" painted on Easter Sunday. Pleased with this effort as I felt I got the light just right. Little Mt Peel is the centre peak. 16 by 12 inches.

"Macrocarpa" study done of some very rough and wild trees near home. 12 by 9 inches.

"Oamaru Wharf" a long with the fishing boats. I was attracted to the colour but the strong wind of the sea was a challenge. 12  by 9 inches.