Monday, November 11, 2013

Some Larger Paintings

Here are my most recent larger works done in the studio from field studies. The first painting is of some rock formations on Simons Hill in the the Mackenzie Basin look out towards Twizel. I have pushed the colour and light contrasts in this work to strengthen it. 

"High View" Size is 30 inches by 28 inches in oil.

The next is a view from below the above painting, down on the basin floor. The Mackenzie Country has some amazing cloud formations and I tried to capture them with this work.

"Mackenzie Clouds" 15 inches by 30 inches in oil.

Next work a scene along state highway north of Kaikoura an area I love for its dramatic coastal views.

"Southerly Change" 20 inches by 40 inches in oil.

Another Mackenzie Country scene of the Twizel River in the hight of summer. There was a great swimming hole the kids loved to use during the hot summer holidays with very clean clear water.

"Favorite Swimming Hole"28 inches by 30 inches in oil.

Last painting is the Peacock Fountain in Christchurch from my previous studies there.

"Peacock Fountain" 20 inches by 24 inches in oil.