Monday, December 5, 2011

"Just The Way It Is"

Here are the paintings I have been doing towards my exhibition at York Street Gallery in Timaru which opened on Friday. I have named the exhibition "Just The Way It Is" and runs till 26th January.

"Chalmers Church" oil on multiple panels. This one of 2 new works on multiple panels (one panel mounted on the other and painted around the edges. Very exciting possibilities with these panels and will be doing more in the future and will show more detail in later posts.

"At the Table" oil on multiple panels (2) This is one of two paintings painted on 2 panels mounted on top of each other.

"Two Old Men" oil painting of a very old disused rural homestead. Many of these places along with the old trees are bulldozed to make way for dairy farms and their huge irrigaters.

"Kids on the Bay" oil painting capturing summer fun at Caroline Bay.

"Bay Hill" oil on canvas ........ looking out over Caroline Bay. My aim was to catch the magical evening light .

"Up with the Birds" oil painting of our daughter Emilia (Bird) on an early morning walk near Smithfield.

"Splashing About" oil on canvas 20 x 40 inches ........ hot summers day down on the bay.

"Hydro from the Terrace" oil on canvas. This old hotel isn't destined to be around much longer unfortunately.

"Silos" oil on canvas 24 x 36 inches ........ looking towards the large grain silos on the wharf. Harks back to my industrial interests.
"New Spot" oil painting of where the light house has been moved to just north of Caroline Bay.

"River Ford" small oil of South Canterbury small river fords at autumn.

"Dusk on the Wharf" oil painting of the evening light over the wharf.