Sunday, April 18, 2010

I have just returned from Arrowtown Autumn Festival where I am Guest Artist from April 16th to May 16th. at the Lakes District Museum & Gallery. I also had the difficult job of judging all the other art works juried into the show with over $4000 in prizes on offer ..... very stressful and extremely difficult as the there are very high number of very good professional artist live in the area who as I found out enter this exhibition. Any way I survived the opening night and got some very positive feed back on my award choices I made and some very good feedback on my speech which surprised me because I was as nervous as hell and I 'm not a good speaker at the best of times.
The exhibition creates a lot of interest and has around 10,000 visitors over the 4 weeks it runs ...... which is amazing exposure for an artist.
It also enabled me to meet up with many of the artist in the area and the next day visited one or two of there studios at there invitation. One of them was Ben Ho and his wife Mary Mai who have moved in to the district in the last 12 months. The have a fabulous new home and gallery/studio setup and both extremely good artist.

Here are the six paintings I entered as guest artist in the 26th Autumn Festival Art Exhibition,

" Cruising",
"A Floral Treat"
"Dining Room Vista",
"Catching the Southerly",
"Autumn Refreshments", and

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